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Online bookmakers offer various betting options on all sports and events. Basketball is one of the popular sports among punters, with competitions played all around the world. Check below a recommended list of top online sportsbooks which can be used by users from all over the world, along with bonuses and reviews.

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Basketball Betting Tips & Strategies

If you are new in basketball betting, we recommend checking below introduction created as a guide for beginners, explaining every basketball betting type and what needs to happen for a bet to be marked as a winner. But this is only a starting guide, as basketball betting requires also knowledge of the sport, team stats and player analysis. BasketballStats247 offers a wide range of basketball statistics for over 350 competitions played around the world, a lot of data to be used for creating a basketball betting strategy. While we offer so many stats for basketball matches, we also make use of them to learn and calculate probabilities, all listed in our free basketball tips section.

Therefore, we recommend checking these links for basketball predictions:

basketball betting ⚽ website offers a wide range of basketball statistics besides the standard game results and league rankings. Our data is organized and presented in such a manner that visitors can easily check past game results and Head-2-Head statistics, team forms, player stats with points scored, steals, rebounds and much more. Below we have a list of betting options available for basketball betting with all above bookmakers:

3 Way Result (or 1X2) – full time result betting is commonly used in European basketball fixtures, giving users the option to bet on the winner of the game or draw. Also known as 1X2, this market is used to bet on the final result of a game: 1 for Home team to win, X for draw result, 2 for Away team to win

Home / Away - also known as Moneylines among American users, this betting market is among the most popular options for basketball games. It is used for full time period, giving the user the option to bet on Home team to win or Away team to win, with no possible Draw.

Over / Under – or Total Points, is betting on the number of points scored during the game. The Over / Under market is used to bet on whether the number of goals will be over or under a pre-established level (ex: Under 195 will be a winning bet if points scored will be between 0 and 194 during the match).

Asian Handicap – or otherwise known as Point Spread for American users. The Asian Handicap betting market offers a handicap to one of the teams in such a manner that both teams are seen as equal at the start of the match. If for a example Home team has +5.5 handicap offered, this means a bet on Away team would be winner if this teams has 6+ points against Home team by the end of the game. If it has fewer points, like 5 or less, Away team bet is lost.

Odd / Even – this offers the opportunity to bet on the number of points to be Odd or Even by the end of the game.

Half Time – result betting on Half Time. The Half Time market is used to bet on match outcome at Half Time.

Quarter Betting – result betting on a specific Quarter of the game. Quarter betting can be used for placing 3 Way Results or Home/Away bets, Over/Under or Handicap bets.

Player Assists – betting on number of assists for a player to be over or under a set number. Specific to NBA and NCAA betting.

Player Rebounds – betting on number of rebounds for a player to be over or under a set number. Specific to NBA and NCAA betting.

Player Points – betting on number of points scored by a player to be over or under a set number. Specific to NBA betting.

Parlays – or otherwise combo bets. This is where a punter creates a betting slip with multiple basketball games added.

Propositions – this is a combination between a team bet and a player bet for the same game. Both propositions must be true to the bet to be considered a winner.

These are just a handful of the betting markets used in basketball. Online bookmakers may offer many other options as a combination of above main choices as available basketball betting markets. Having listed and explained the above betting options and the statistics and probabilities at hand offered by, we are sure you will find some interesting markets to bet with using registration bonuses from our recommended betting websites. Above listed bookmakers offer some welcome bonuses such as: Caesars - free bet & no deposit bonus, Betrivers - free bet & no deposit bonus. Bonus terms and conditions apply and the sportsbook reserves the right to withdraw a listed bonus without notice.

Sports Betting is a gambling activity and it can create addiction. Betting on basketball or any other sports should be pursued as a recreational activity only. If you find yourself betting more than you afford to lose, has affected your social life or you are in need of thrills delivered by the betting experience, then seek help and support from organizations such as BeGambleAware or gamblingAID.

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