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BasketballStats247 offers free daily basketball predictions for matches played all over the world. All listed basketball tips on this page are for matches played today, with further predictions available on each game when following the competition predictions link. We are using an advanced system to create the predictions listed in this section, an algorithm which learns and adjusts its outcomes for different betting tips for home/away markets, over/under, Asian handicap and other options.

Check below predictions for games played today in various basketball competitions:

Today's Basketball Matches & Tips

Europe Predictions: Europe - Champions League

🏀 Matches Tips
VEF Riga - Benfica
36 - 38 2nd Quarter
Nymburk - Bilbao
9 - 7 1stQuarter
Pinar Karsiyaka - AEK Athens
15 - 18 1stQuarter
Ludwigsburg - Bakken Bears
Limoges - Manresa
Murcia - Tofas

France Predictions: France - LNB

🏀 Matches Tips
Le Mans - Cholet

Germany Predictions: Germany - BBL

🏀 Matches Tips
Bamberg - Crailsheim Merlins
Chemnitz - Heidelberg

Sweden Predictions: Sweden - Basketligan

🏀 Matches Tips
Uppsala - BC Lulea
1 - 5 1stQuarter
Sodertalje - Jamtland

Above basketball betting tips are created for the Home/Away market, or full-time winner in each individual match. The Home/Away betting option is the most common betting choice in basketball, as bettors can place bets on the winners of each selected game. This is simply a choice of the team to win a game, regardless of points difference at the end of the match.

While this is the common betting option for punters on basketball matches, there are several other choices to go for, like Over/Under betting option (where the bookmaker establishes a total number of goals for each game and the bettor simply bets on whether the total points at the end of the game is over or under that value), Asian Handicap betting option (where the bookmaker offers a handicap to one of teams so that the game becomes more balanced), odd / even (betting on the number of goals to be odd or even).

Users should note that the basketball predictions listed above are free to use. No guarantee is offered however for predictions listed in this section and on the pages of each individual basketball competition. No matter how many stats we analyze, sports betting is a gambling activity in the end and there is a risk of losing any stakes placed on bets. As a user of this website you understand the risks of losing your money while betting and no claims can be made against BasketballStats247 or its partners for following predictions listed here. Bet Responsibly! For users 18+. If you have a gambling problem or know someone with a gambling problem, please see help!

Where to place bets on Basketball Matches?

While there are many online bookmakers with basketball matches listed for betting, choosing the right operator to place your bets with can be overwhelming. You need to choose a sportsbook which proved its fairness towards users, financial stable and licensed to offer betting services in the country you reside. Once these points are selected, the number of brands remaining can be further filtered based on odds values and promotions which may improve the potential winnings and betting experience. Below we have created a list of online bookmakers recommended for users in various markets.

All bookmakers listed here come with welcome bonus packages and betting promotions for selected sports, offers which users can claim or take advantage of as a registered customer.

Are Basketball Tips really free?

Yes. BasketballStats247 operates a complex service which gathers results in basketball competitions from all over the world and produces stats. With daily data feed in for each competition, team and player, we have created a vast database which is analyzed to produce the daily predictions based on a probability system.

Are Basketball Predictions guaranteed?

No betting tips can ever be guaranteed. We have been in the branch for many years to understand that claiming such guarantees are not possible. That is why websites claiming that their betting tips are guaranteed can not be trusted simply because they do not properly stand behind their offer. A betting tips guarantee would mean the prediction provider should pay a user the potential winning no matter the situation, but there are no such services in the market, and the most a tipster does is offer money back on the paid tips, not the betting stake or potential lost winning. Betting users must understand the risks of betting.

Is Winning in Basketball Betting easy?

Winning basketball bets is a tricky situation because of the many balanced matches played. This simply produces a game of chance where either outcome is possible. Therefore, betting on basketball matches should be done smartly using a money management system which limits potential loses during a bad streak. A money management system basically means setting a total budget for betting, and splitting that budget over multiple bets on different matches so that several surprise results do not bust your betting capital entirely.