World Cup 3x3 Women 2020

World Cup 3x3 Women is a basketball league played in International. There are 4 teams playing in the 2020 season. Some of the teams competing in the World Cup 3x3 Women are Hungary 3x3 W, Australia 3x3 W, France 3x3 W, China 3x3 W. Check below for the World Cup 3x3 Women table rankings, match results and game schedule, competition trends and team win/lose sequences among other various statistics like top players or scoring points averages.

🏀 Matches

Sunday23/06/2019China 3x3 W
15 - 14
Australia 3x3 W
Sunday23/06/2019France 3x3 W
10 - 14
Hungary 3x3 W
Sunday23/06/2019China 3x3 W
19 - 13
Hungary 3x3 W
Sunday23/06/2019Australia 3x3 W
9 - 21
France 3x3 W


Points Average

  Avg. Pts. For Avg. Pts. Against Difference
Hungary 3x3 W 13.50 14.50 -1.00
Australia 3x3 W 11.50 18.00 -6.50
China 3x3 W 17.00 13.50 3.50
France 3x3 W 15.50 11.50 4.00

Form – Streak Sequences

The statistics for the basketball league World Cup 3x3 Women are updated regularly, as games are played and results are processed. Data used to produce these statistics is organized to easily point to league trends and probabilities for future basketball games, something that BasketballStats247 system uses to calculate the predictions for World Cup 3x3 Women. The Predictions section lists daily tips as our algorithm calculates probabilities for various options in basketball games and it improves as more basketball statistics are available from matches played.